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02 February 2009 @ 08:32 pm
Year 2009 underwater  
As years go by, the fish remain in the tank. What's happened since the last update?

- We used to have three pearl gouramis, now we only fave one, a female. I'm still at a loss as what to do next. Should I get more gouramis or let the platyfish rule the tank? Anyway, I'm cherishing the one we have left.

- We no longer have mollies, either. I bet it's the fresh water that got the better of them, eventually, because they seem to do better in water that has a bit of salt in it. Some of them had small white spots in their scales/skin, so I didn't want to risk any diseases being spread into the water. So the last one had to go (only a few days ago). R.I.P.

- The red platyfish, then, are basking in the tropical warm water. They have bred so many new generations I've lost count. The ones now swimming in the tank haven't grown as big as some of the old ones. Or maybe it was the age that attributed to the size, given the fact that the biggest ones tended to die

- Our newest acquisitions are bright red & cute, but very small shrimps. Two of them were bought in Helsinki, but as they were too timid alone, I bought two more to accompany them in Tikkurila. The latter ones are from a Singaporean family. They have lived with us for a couple of weeks now, so it's early to say much yet. As they are approximately 1 cm long, it's understandable thay like to stick to the anubias roots for cover

- I once tried to grow a forest of vallisneria, but I'm getting bored with the plan actually, because it doesn't offer any protection to the shrimps, plus the snails are consuming the leaves. And what could be uglier than a nibbed-on vallisneria leaf? I've anchored some floating plants to the bottom as a temporary solution

- Speaking of free floaters, I now have aquatic ferns (salvinia minima) which look very nice indeed. Their dance on the surface looks hypnotizing. They have multiplied surprisingly fast, although my expectations upon buying them weren't that great

- One of my long-term dreams came true not so long ago when I finally came across a nymphaea lotus with those beautiful, heart-shaped, purple-ish leaves! And what's more, it seems to be doing fine! I planted some fertilizer tabs near its roots, which seemed to be exactly what it needed. I dedicated the back left corner to the lotus, hoping it will grow and have a happy life there, neighboring another, green lotus that's about twice its size